Personal Projects In Progress

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Each session at Youth Radio Interactive, we give our interns a chance to work on a personal project. They can make whatever they want, design with their personal aesthetic, and practice their HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Last session, there were several different types of personal projects: apps to play an intern’s mixtape, an interactive on affirmative action, a project that would highlight the best of Oakland, and several portfolios.

Here’s a look at a couple of those portfolios.

Eli Arbreton loves design, but off the clock he is a rapper who goes by the name WiKid. He has produced lots of music, and has a mixtape out. He wanted to create a portfolio to showcase his music, list his upcoming shows, and tell you more about himself.


As you scroll, the top navigation bar is fixed at the top, and the body content changes–that’s exactly the design Eli wanted. He loved these large high quality background images, but since he has yet to have his own photoshoot, he used images from his favorite music duo as placeholders.


Eli reviewed several musicians’ portfolios to come up with his design. Next, he completed a mockup in Photoshop, then jumped on Sublime to dive into his HTML and CSS.


His next steps are to incorporate his own content – images and copy. He is also looking forward to adding links to his social media accounts. We think this is a really great start!

Storm’s Portfolio

Storm White is a graphic designer, model, actress, and she creates music. She wanted a website that would highlight her work and resume, and allow people to contact her for projects. She was very inspired by other designers’ portfolios and especially focused on color palette.

Next, Storm will be creating new pages that will allow people to take a closer look at her designs, and to listen to her music. Then she will add her own content and host her site. Storm will continue to work on this portfolio during her time with Youth Radio Interactive.

More Personal Projects

We love that the students really dive into the personal projects and get to work on their web development skills. We are looking forward to showcasing more student work in progress as the session continues.

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