Bites And Beats And Latham Square

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Hey its Melissa Beavers Remix Your Life PA at Youth Radio. Im coming to you today to talk about my saturday and how I spent it. I was at Latham Square from 1-3 at the poetry workshop held by Maeven the supervisor for Remix Your Life. Making my way down to Youth Radio at around 3:30 or so, spending my time helping the CHEF program prepare the small appetizers for the Bites and Beats. It was like another world down there with so many different flavors of goodness I was honored to help. Ms. Lydia is an amazing teacher and her food skills always keep people happy and grateful.

After preparing the samples around 5:30 ish we started the show. With Djing for a few then the performances. Everything came together amazingly. We held the performances outdoors so everyone would see the the artists. Artist like Savant, Myssy, HAMM and Wikid came thru to bless the people with orginal music. It was like a party for the world, So many people walking and enjoy the show what more can you ask for. Since Bites and Beats went so well Maeven and the PAs for Remix has agreed to host Bites and Beats every First Friday of the month.


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