Urban Culture And The Hip Hop Industry

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In today’s society everyone wants to be urban, it seems as though everyone wants to be from the bottom. This is one topic me and the chop shop participants talk about on Tuesday. I asked questions like “Why is Urban Culture well known in the hip hop industry?” and got answers like, “everyone is fake” and “most artists in the hip hop world are urban.”  I believe that to be true to a certain extent, but some just front to get in the game.

Frontin for the game. Thats what I call these “rappers” that say they from the hood or from the trap. Changing their styles to fit the image. One rapper we talked about wasn’t always a trap star. He was once a correctional officer at a prison. Going from putting drug dealers and dopers behind bars to rapping about “mollies and other drugs,” that doesn’t seem authentic to me.  I think what the industry does is make you create this character for the world that really isn’t you. Try to make everyone seem like they’re from the bottom.

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