Can Young Voters Win California For Bernie Sanders? [full speech]

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Bernie Sanders spoke at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland. An estimated 20,000 audience members attended the rally outside Oakland City Hall, including Youth Radio reporter Desmond Meagley.

Meagley recorded Sanders’ Memorial Day speech–including an unexpected interruption when animal rights group, Direct Action Everywhere, rushed the stage and Secret Service agents jumped in. [Click above to listen to the full speech.]


A group of students, ages 15 to 19, waited in line for hours to enter the rally. They hoped that Sanders would address topics such as gentrification in Oakland, income inequality, rising healthcare costs, and cannabis legalization.


An estimated 20,000 attendees came to Frank Ogawa Plaza to hear Bernie Sanders speak. The line to enter the event extended several blocks, and many supporters were unable to enter the plaza.


Protesters from the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere charged the stage in the middle of Bernie Sanders’ speech, but were quickly arrested by Secret Service. “We don’t get intimidated easily,” Sanders remarked, undisturbed by the interruption.


A variety of colorful costumes and creative signs were on display at the rally. Bay Area resident Theo Badashi (left) said, “No matter what happens, there’s a major shift in the political consciousness of our country… This is just the beginning of a revolution that is spanning the whole planet.”


Bonnie Ferguson, 73, started voting when she was 21. “It’s the first time in my entire voting career that I’ve been able to vote for somebody who stands for policies that I believe in, rather than the lesser of two evils,” Ferguson said.
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