Attention In The Age Of Online Learning

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4527144772_822cda1fc9_bWhen most people think of school, they think of buses, bells, and uniforms. But that’s not always the case.

I’m a sophomore in high school and this semester, i’m taking an online psychology course.

I have attention difficulties, so it’s easy to assume that taking classes online would be challenging for me. And it does present a new set of distractions. Like, whenever my crush posts something on twitter, a notification pops up at the corner of my laptop screen. That’s definitely distracting. But life in the “real world” also poses its own set of challenges.

My history class is positioned above the patio, where students spend their free periods chatting. When it’s hot, all the windows are open, fans are blowing and I often find my mind wandering.

But with online classes, I can lock myself in my room and seal out any potential distractions, making it easier to focus.

I’m not saying I would swap all my in-person classes for online ones. Physically interacting with teachers and students in the classroom helps me engage more. But for me, online classes are just as beneficial. And nothing beats going to class in your pajamas.

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