Digitial Divide in High School

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One of the hardest things in high school is not having a computer at home. And for me it’s not as easy as going out and buying one.

Most of my teachers aren’t always mindful of that.

They always tell me to go to the library or stay after school to complete my computer work. But what they don’t understand is, that I have after school commitments like a job, and school clubs and programs.

At home over the weekend, I hand-wrote three pages on notebook paper, but for obvious reasons, I wasn’t able to type it. So a few days later, when I should have been headed to my pre-calculus class, I instead found myself in our school’s computer lab typing the paper. I ended up missing the whole class and part of lunch, and now I’m behind in math.

I live in the age of technology, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean I have access to it.


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