For Young CA Voters, Youth Radio App: Know Your Props

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Know your Props AppThere’s one thing about California elections that everyone can agree on: the ballot is confusing with all those props and measures. Sometimes intentionally so!  How are first-time voters supposed to be confident about how they vote?

Youth Radio Interactive created an app that preps young voters for the polls this midterm season.

We picked the ballot measures on the November 2014 ballot that will most directly affect Bay Area youth. Then, we took all the complicated jargon and made it simple. You’ll find the arguments for and against, and a bit about the money trail, too.

Added bonus: type in your address and find your local polling station.

And then… get out there and vote smart!


Know Your Props

Writers: Rafael Johns, Donta Jackson, Isabella Ordaz

Researchers: Dakota Hayes

Concept: LaKayla Dyer, Tylyn Hardamon

Developer: Lo Benichou

Design: Senay Alkebu-lan

Producer: Teresa Chin

Editor: Lissa Soep, Rebecca Martin

Executive Editor: Ellin O’Leary


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