Putting Education Money In The Right Places

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Education is kind of like baseball. The schools with more funding sit in box seats, with a great view of the game. My school’s in the bleachers.

Recently, I had to complete an essay for history class. I really needed help… but so did everyone else. My teacher couldn’t help us all.

When I get a big assignment I think, “What’s the point of school, if there are no resources to help me pass?” That’s why I want my school to hire academic counselors who will  check up on us regularly.

Since California passed the Local Control Funding Formula, schools like mine actually have a chance to make changes. I’m part of AYPAL, an organization that trains low-income Asian American youth to advocate for school reform on the local and statewide level.

I even gave a speech to Assemblyman Bob Bonta explaining why we need academic support. It felt good to stand up for myself, but even better to stand up for my classmates and my little sister.

If she doesn’t get the resources she needs, school won’t be important to her. And I want to give her a great view of the education game.

Sierra Donnies is a member of AYPAL in Oakland, and attends Oakland High School.

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