Sometimes Change Is Good

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I went into the dressing room to try on school clothes, and my joy slowly turned into frustration and discomfort.  I couldn’t fit any of the clothes I picked out — they were all too small. Unfortunately, there weren’t any bigger sizes available. I remember looking in the mirror and being  frustrated with my decisions to overeat and be lazy.

For the majority of my life I was overweight. But I was oblivious towards negative ideas about being overweight. I have always been know as the chubby, loquacious, outgoing girl that would always joke and laugh.  I have always had friends; and from the outside looking in some people thought there was no need for friends said “Edna you don’t need to lose weight,” “ You’re not that big.”

My weight used to be my signature. My peers were oblivious to my insecurities, and thought that I wouldn’t be the same if I wasn’t overweight.

But even though I did not have low self-esteem, I wanted to be confident in my appearance. I began eating healthy and exercising daily. It was extremely hard for me to change my lifestyle.  but i was determined to be healthier; and over the course of four and a half months I successfully lost 40 pounds.

Sometimes change is good and although others around you may not want you to change, this process is developmental to figuring out who you are. Even though I changed my physical appearance, this transformation was internal. Looking inside myself and finding something that i needed to change fueled me to be dynamic and look beyond what people thought of me.

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