Supporting My Mom While Supporting Myself

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My mom used to be a competitive boxer, but one fight left her with water in her brain. All I could do was help her and my family in any way possible. The only person I wasn’t helping — was myself.

The doctors found that my mom had Hydrocephalus. It got so bad that she started to forget what she did or said. Whenever she would call for me or my sisters she would pause to remember our names.

During those two years while my mom was losing her voice, in a way, I lost mine as well.

I started to fall behind academically. I couldn’t concentrate in class and I would forget what I studied. I lost interest in playing the piano. Even feeling certain emotions was hard, like happiness. Life seemed like a blur.

Now, after two years of this, my mom is finally making progress and she’s well enough to ask about my report card.

Her recovery has motivated me to get back on track in school. I’m trying to get on the honor roll.

Slowly I’ve learned that I can’t let hard times affect who I am and what I love to do.


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