Teaching Tech to Mom

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I remember when my mom taught me my ABC’s and how to make spaghetti–  but now that everyone is addicted to their smartphones , our roles are reversed. Now I’m the teacher.

I was twelve when I learned how to make a Powerpoint. My mom was 50. She was applying for a new job, and she wanted to add visuals. I sat next to her, taking over the mouse as she pointed out the fonts she wanted, the colors, the pictures.

That was six years ago, and I’m still showing her how to do certain things like attach documents to her emails. and add emojis to her text messages.

Although this process is frustrating, I’m learning at the same time. My mom is teaching me patience, how to work with different personalities in what feels like a job setting, And while technology comes easy to me, having to teach my mom the basics has made me understand how I learn: through hands-on practice.

Next year, I’m heading off to college, which means my mom will need to figure out her technology issues for herself. I’m pretty sure she will be fine…but if not, I’m just a cell phone call away.


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