The Game of Assasins

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I woke up to a text message saying I had to kill a classmate within a week or I would be next.  This is the game of Assassins.

The lunch bell rang. I put up my hood and stalked the quad looking for my target, clenching a paper ball for ammunition. I threw it my hardest, but it fell short. He chucked it back and hit me in the arm, taking me out of the competition.

Assassins is a game where we pretend to be hit men — but using everyday objects like paper balls and Nerf darts.

My school doesn’t allow weapons on campus, but some students who play Assassins bring bb guns to school to shoot their targets. I know this sounds like a real-life Hunger Games, where people could really get hurt. I see how that’s a safety hazard.

But there are positive aspects. I met one of my closest friends playing Assassins. Social competitions like this might make students want to come to school more, and it’s a welcome change to sitting behind a desk all day.


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