The Hidden Lesson Behind Disorganization

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In high school, disorganization became my lifestyle.

My freshman year, I was a master at being late for things, coming up with excuses, and procrastinating. It became my way of life. I found myself constantly distracted by the internet and TV.

But when I graduated from high school, I realized my habits had stopped me from achieving important goals I’d always assumed would come easily, like going to a four-year college. I was going to have to change the way I lived.

A friend suggested that I change my environment, and keep it cleaner, so that even if I am forgetful, the things I need are easy to access. So I tried it, and the results were immediate. I knew exactly which pair of pants was clean, and my button-up shirts didn’t need ironing. My teachers even congratulated me on the timeliness of my essays.

After all, now that I’m in college, I can’t afford to lose pieces of homework. And in a professional setting, excuses don’t matter, only results.

Maybe I can’t always be on time, or have my whole life orderly. But I can try to limit the clutter, so that I can become a more reliable individual.


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