The Importance Of Having Breaks At School

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Four hours of classes with no real breaks, and they expect us not to get distracted —  ridiculous.

One time my math teacher was explaining a really confusing problem, and I tried to pay attention, but my head began leaning to the side. I woke up like, “Oh shoot, I just missed half the lesson.” I tried to focus again but the same thing happened.

It’s not that the class isn’t interesting, it’s just that after a couple hours of consecutive classes I really need a break.

And the experts agree. A scientific paper on increasing productivity suggests splitting up your schedule into 90 minutes of working or learning, followed by 15 minutes of moving around and socializing. This is supposedly the best schedule to help people retain focus throughout the day.

We had recess as kids, and PE in middle school, but now it’s just, learn, learn, learn. So as this new school year begins, I really hope that my school considers making changes to the schedule, so that I can have a more productive senior year.

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