The Importance Of Having Sexual Health Classes In High School

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When I was a freshman, I had to take and pass a health sex-ed class, but that requirement was cut two years ago because of funding constrains. Now the lack of sexual health knowledge is clear on my campus.

Recently, my drama class put on a play about high school and college students contracting STDs. We performed the play in front of the whole school. During a Q&A afterwards, one girl asked ‘what are ovaries?.’ I was shocked that we had to defined parts of her own body.

Sexual health  isn’t always something you can see on the outside. I really didn’t know that people were confused, until after I was in the play and people started using me as a resource.

Since I don’t anticipate more funding for health classes in Long Beach, anytime soon, I hope teachers of all subjects to take the initiative to teach a little bit of health. Just one talk about condoms or STDs could change someone’s life

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