Take A Hike From Your Problems

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Yosemite Hiking


One day after school, I found myself walking up a nearby hiking trail. But I really found myself when I got to the top.

Before long both my dog and I were panting at the hill’s steepness. The overhanging pines felt suffocating, and dust clouded the thick, hot air. I was so focused on my surroundings that I barely noticed what was just beyond the trees. An incredible 180-degree view of the whole Bay Area.

Seeing the little world where I live from afar once I reached the top was comforting and calming. Every person down there was also dealing with their own problems. So even though I was hiking by myself, I didn’t feel so alone. Seeing each house, each car, each street panned out before me, made my problems feel smaller too.

As an anxious person, I tend to over analyze and stress over small situations. That day, I found a much-needed escape from my nervous energy.

I guess all it takes to shift your perspective is a step back -and a few steps uphill.

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