Controlling My Video Game Addiction

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A new study suggests that playing too many video games can negatively impact brain activity.

As a preteen, I was highly addicted to videogames. I used to go to my friends house every other weekend to play and I would sit for hours. I never noticed any changes to my behavior. However, researchers from Indiana University found that playing violent video games for one week can decrease function in the frontal region of the brain.

Although this is an important new finding, doesn’t it reinforce what we’ve always known, that too much of anything is dangerous? Since videogames don’t come with a warning about long term effects on our brain, it’s up to parents and kids to take responsibility how much they play.

My parents have set a rule restricting videogames during the school week. Although I’d love to play Mortal Combat all the time, the rule has kept me and my brain safe.

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