Learning The Language Of Computers

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The following aired on KCBS.

By Saleeha Bey

When most people turn on their computer they go straight for Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. They see pictures, words, and buttons… but I see the source code behind the screen.

I first started learning the language of computers through a program called the Technovation Challenge. Two other girls and I worked to code and design a mobile app that lets you upload your wardrobe to help you coordinate your outfits. Like Cher’s closet from Clueless- but better.

Working after-school with two computer science majors from Cal, we learned a lot about programming but we also learned about perseverance. Some days our idea didn’t seem worth the time it was taking to code.

But after just 3 weeks, the lines of jumbled letters and punctuations turned into coherent sentences I understood. And then the process of deciphering code became fun.

For when you are able to play the perfect game or plan the perfect outfit on your phone that you created, you realize that all it takes to code is an idea, your mind, and determination, “It’s not magic it’s logic.”

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