Definition Of A “Try-Hard”

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There’s lots of people that act like try-hards, and they ruin the game for everyone else who’s just trying to have fun.

Basically, If any activity is just for fun, and you’re taking it too seriously… you’re a try hard. You can find try-hards anywhere.  Have you ever seen someone spiking a ping pong, and  the other person barely knows how to play?  That person spiking the ball is being a try hard.

I first heard the term try hard when I was playing the video game, Call of Duty, and my friends said the opposing team was full of “try-hards.”

My friends had looked at the stats of the other players, and saw that the “try-hards” had killed a lot of people while dying as little as possible. Basically, they played in a way that made the game less fun for us casual players.

When people treat leisure activities like work, they usually don’t get to enjoy what they are doing. So, next time you’re playing a game and it seems like people aren’t having fun, ask yourself, are you being a try hard?

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