Turns Out Everyone Has Had A Bad First Day

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First days on the job are the worst. NPR published a blog post today about a news anchor whose first (and last) day was marred by his potty mouth. I won’t repeat exactly what he said, you can watch the video for that below.

One of the best things about NPR’s blog post is the comment stream. People wrote in about all sorts of terrible mishaps on day one of a new job. I’ve grabbed some of the best stories and pasted them below. Have you had any bad first days that top these?

Nanette Nelson • an hour ago
Age 16, my first day working the drive through at McDonald;s, I cheerfully get on the mic to my first customer, and say, “Welcome to Wendy’s.”
OneArmed Jesus • 4 hours ago
My first day of teaching 8th grade English. I read a poem to my first hour with the line, “I like people who…”. It was meant to inspire them to work hard that year. Well, instead, what came out of my mouth was, “I like penis…”. I paused, allowed their shocked silence turn to giggles, and then said, “Well, I guess I’ve lost this class for the next week.” I then went back into the poem a finished it
keeps lowprofile • 3 hours ago
When I was 16, My first job and my first day on the job was Holloween. I was told to wear a costume. Not really owning a costume I decided to dress up as a Hippy. I have long hair and could throw it all together from what I already owned.
When I arrived at work, My new boss and several new coworkers were standing in the employee parking lot.
As I got out of my car, I meant to flash them the PEACE SIGN but I FLIPPED THEM THE BIRD. The second I realized what I had done (mostly by the looks on their faces) I wanted to get back in the car and zoom away
Miss M • 41 minutes ago
I had a job at a museum selling “audio tours” to guests. For a small fee they would be given a Walkman with a cassette tour of the galleries for them to use as they strolled through the exhibit and would turn in the tape player at the end. On the first day of the exhibit, at the press opening, I fainted. I hit the floor with a smack that rang through the galleries. My new coworkers had to drag my unconscious form into a nearby closet. That was the day I learned that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. LOL!

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