A Journey Of Self-Improvement

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People often think the best part about summer is partying. I saved this summer for reflecting on my flaws.

My horoscope read: instead of trying to change someone else, you should focus on improving yourself. It seemed funny because I was currently urging my boyfriend to change his communication style.

Since then I’ve gone on a “discovering-me-journey.” I asked people I trust, what major improvements can I make?

My sister immediately suggested I’m too bossy. I ‘d heard it a million times, but this time I tried rephrasing things as questions rather than demands: Can you please shut the window? Instead of, Shut the window!

My mom said that I take my bad days at work, out on her at home. So I searched online for ways to be nicer. Instead of refusing to answer when she asks about my day, I try opening up and telling her stories about my life.

My experiment will end one year from now. I’ll ask my family the same questions about myself, to see if I’ve accomplished a transformation. Even if I haven’t changed, at least then I will be able to tolerate criticism from people I love.


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