Disappointed By The Justice System

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Teenager. Brother. Son. Black. Trayvon Martin was all those things, but to a lot of people only one of those adjectives mattered. But this is not the first time African Americans have faced injustices in our “justice” system.

Not Guilty. To some people, what seemed to be an obvious case, resulted in a shocking verdict.

But while Zimmerman committed the crime, it was the justice system’s job to put him away for it, and it didn’t. A lot of my friends have told me stories of young African Americans being killed, and the person at fault getting off the hook.

When I was a kid I grew up watching a lot of tv shows about the legal system. It made me want to be a part of it. I even went to various law schools and sat in on classes. I thought it was the perfect career choice for me.

I am going to college this fall majoring in pre-law, but cases like this make me question whether this is the right field for me. I keep seeing evidence that this justice system is unfair to my peers. If I was a part of it, I’d feel like I was disappointing them.

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