Nostalgic For Rain

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Relatives from other states tell me they’re jealous of our California sunshine, but the more sun there is, the more unfamiliar and precious the rain becomes.

The last time it rained, I ran out of my house in a t-shirt and cut offs into the street. I didn’t care about getting wet– I was just excited to feel the rain on my skin again.

This year, Governor Jerry Brown announced that the state is in a of drought emergency, but  it’s been suffering from this dry spell for the past three years.

I check the weather app on my phone for upcoming rainfall, but I’m always disappointed. I’m worried that people won’t care about the lack of rain until they turn on their faucets and nothing comes out. But it already is affecting us. This past year, the price of meat, dairy, and vegetables increased by up to 3.5% and is predicted to continue to rise this year.

My grandchildren may not grow up with rain falling on their windows or their skin. So, to make sure these memories stay with me, the next time it rains, I’ll be leaving my umbrella at home.


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