Why I’m Not A Democrat… Or A Republican

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Republican Elephant & Democratic Donkey - 3D Icons
Growing up, my understanding of politics could be summed up in two words: Republican and Democrat. But now that I’m 18, I don’t identify with any political party.

My own political involvement mostly happens in front of a computer screen. My peers and I may tweet using #YesAllWomen, share news about the Middle East on Facebook, or post videos of police brutality to Vine. And slowly, mainstream politicians are seeing social media’s impact. But they’re missing the big picture.

Last month, I watched CNN’s Republican presidential debate. I wasn’t watching to decide who to vote for. I wanted to understand all the internet jokes about the candidates that would inevitably follow.

People my age want to be able to pick and choose the issues we care about. When an online movement like BlackLivesMatter can force police departments to review their tactics, it’s clear that joining a political party isn’t the only way to make change. And unless political parties push for change on the level that my generation wants, Democrats and Republicans alike will only seem more out touch to young people like me.

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