Dear Dreams

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By: Elijah S.


Today I’m going to be giving you information on a local bay area youth center. The RYSE center is a youth center providing an abundant amount of services for young adults to participate in. Speaking through personal experience, it has been a huge help in my success of building my artistic side, but for me it’s not as useful as Youth Radio. They are a group of people you can reach out to that are determined to help you build your artistic abilities. The opening hours are from 12pm until 8pm every weekday, Monday through Friday. If you want more information on the solid times of specific classes, you can search it online. They offer training in media, arts and culture, community health and wellness, and youth justice which have helped me increase my understanding of music and the things going on around me in the environment. The studio was also very useful to me and helped me with my lyrical skills. This is one place I would go to if I wanted to just have fun in a social environment and to meet new people with a friendly atmosphere. It’s not hard to get along and meet new people from different ages and groups. They also provide food for the youth that participate. Overall, this is a well structured group with many things you can do to achieve something greater in your own life. If your interested, look into participating into the RYSE center. This was Elijah with a REVIEW from Royalty Radio!

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