Eating At Soma StEat Food Park

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BurgerIf you ever had a hard time picking where to eat and can’t choose between burgers or pizza. Well here’s a place for you. Right in the heart of San Francisco, I present to you…. Soma StrEat Food Park! From tacos to seafood to ice cream sandwiches. Soma StrEat Food Park is a place where all the food trucks group up and serve you food. Each day they have different food trucks coming in. Which makes each day a different experience to the others. They also hire musicians to play twice a week for live music.

The first time I walked in to this magical place was on my anniversary with my boyfriend and it felt like heaven on earth. There are food trucks lined into a circle. There’s also a truck in the corner that specifically sell drinks like alcohol such as mimosas and champagne and non alcoholic like hot chocolate, lemonade and tea. There’s also four to five flat screen TV’s so you can watch sports while eating. There’s a yellow school bus with where all the kids can hang and eat. There’s a barn like area with Christmas lights and bunch of heaters incase if gets cold. The main outside area is filled with a bunch of chairs and tables with shade. Not to mention there’s atm machines.

Soma StrEat Food Park is also filled with some carnival games like skee ball, basketball and whack-a-mole. Just a dollar to play. It’s like Chuck E Cheese’s for adults filled with food, fun and sports to watch on the huge flat screens . My first time there, I got pepperoni pizza that they prepare and cook for you from Fire Den and fries filled with sweet gravy and pulled pork with siracha and a raspberry tea lemonade. The food costed around $4 to $7 and the drinks were $2. After I had my food, it was very hard to pick where to sit because I wanted to sit everywhere.

The only bad thing about this place is that its near a free way, it gets crowded easily if you were planning to watch big games like the Super Bowl. The place around it is stinky because of the homeless wander around that area so don’t walk to the food park. I recommend you to drive there and to not leave your precious belongings in the car.

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