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Internationally recognized music tastemakers can now be heard any time and place on’s streaming radio app, available for Android phones. Download the app here, and learn more about it here. on Android is the premier youth-created mobile source for eclectic, cutting-edge programming out of California’s Bay Area. The ADP app enables music fiends and fans to access’s live stream of 34 mix shows on the go. “The app provides one more way for listeners to discover that AllDayPlay provides the most exciting, dynamic and original programming of any radio station in the Bay Area,” says world-renowned DJ Matthew Africa.

Touring DJs and artists, as well as those who call Oakland and San Francisco their home, make a point of making guest appearances at ADP’s studios. “ADP airs an authentic representation of Bay Area music, culture and taste. In a massively trend-setting region, this is no small feat. I am proud to be involved with!,” says DJ Sake 1.

These music celebrities are part of a one-of-a-kind community-based collaboration. is hosted by the award-winning youth media company Youth Radio. Youth Radio’s high school interns are part of the publishing and promotions staff of, and a group of teens co-created the app’s prototype. Using App Inventor, a tool launched by Google and now housed at the famed MIT Media Lab, young people working in Youth Radio’s Mobile Action Lab developed the prototype during a workshop led by engineer Drew Mason, who then coded the app for launch.

“It’s just not possible to get this kind of feng shui out of terrestrial radio.  The new app will be an excellent way for folks to explore new music,” says Bay Area DJ Zumbi (Zion-I).


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