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You ever wake up in the morning and realize that a crazy thing was gonna happen? I guess it can be called deja vu or being psychic, but somehow i knew something was  about to go down. So its Saturday, and my homies hit me up to skate at some spots in Concord. I didn’t have anything planned so i agreed on joining them. I was glad since i haven’t touched a board in 4 days. i felt i shouldn’t get lazy. i openen my laptop and put on Ishod Wair’s Since Day One video part. As the skate video is playing, i’m getting ready as quickly as possible, already anticipating the feeling of cruising down the street and getting creative. My friends pull up and knock on  the door. I open it for them, still using one hand to brush my teeth. they’re like, “ we gonna hit that one stairset on treat blvd, then after that lets hit this spot and that one!” Thats Gabe, always trying to do everything at once. My other homie Paris is more quiet, only saying the occasional , “ yea dude” and “ what about this one”. So Paris is driving to the grocery store to pick up some snacks. We didnt want to wait in the car so me and gabe play a game of Horse, but with skateboards. By the time paris came out with three bags of snacks, I already won the game. Throughout the day we broke sweats and Gabe eventually broke his board, bought a new one and learned a trick. We finally get to the skatepark at  8:00pm. Right as im riding down the hill, i throw out a heelflip, and just as i land, i hear something metal hit the ground. after that it was all bad. i can honestly say that was the first time i truly fell hard. my board truck ( thats the metal axle) broke apart. i cant even be that guy that has to walk home with a broken board because the momentum threw me so fast i didnt have time to roll out of it. my elbow took the entire impact and man did it hurt. at least i didnt cry, but i yelled for 2 minutes straight. my arm was instantly limp and i knew it was broken. And the worst part is, the whole ride to the ER my mom was telling me, “ i told you to wear a helmet” but i still dont to this day.


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