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By: Bianca Perez

Have you ever felt like your school is not supporting you in your academic career. A time I felt that “what is said and done without student voice on the school board is effecting improvements in our schools.

I started attending All City Council  governing board . Now me and  all students take action  and our  views are  being accounted for. All City Council  is a board of students who  were elected  by fellow students to research data, to bring it up to the school board ,in order to make change.

There positions  like president ,vice president , student director , media director  and note taker. Anyone is  more than welcome to join because more voices means more action. As of right now we need student request for change.

In my first meeting I felt like I was being heard .

The meeting  was nerve jumping   but I  still got a rush of  achievement. I also felt in the loop of what decisions were being worked on  and made. In order to function correctly in a school system you have to work with All city council . Being apart of the loop you are contributing to the valuable research that will make the work pay off. All City Council governing board work and contributors   have student voice be heard.


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