Bay Talk Friday: Episode 5

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Today, we had our fifth radio show here at Youth Radio. We listened to some of Disney’s soundtrack,  Fettty Wap, Dr. Dre and many more. We heard a review about the new movie Paper Towns by Robyn, Isaiah’s life as a rapper, Mae’lon’s first experience at a party and Rico’s perspective on the Sandra Bland controversy. Along with that we heard a PSA on safe sex and a roundtable on whether animal right’s are less important than that of other issues.

Please tune in next Friday from 5:30-7pm to hear recent news high lights, as well as some of your favorite songs!

Youth Radio Raw is a weekly radio show produced by Bay Area high schoolers, ages 14-18. Students work partner with professionals to learn the basics of journalism, music production, and multimedia.

For photos of the show, you can go to Youth Radio’s Flickr page

Check out a live tweet of the show by following @YouthRadio and searching for #YouthRadioRaw on Twitter.

DJ #1: DJ NotAngelina

Newscast: Imani and Djhonnay

Review: Robyn

Music Playlist:

Hawaiian Roller coaster Ride – Jump5 (Lilo & Stichs Soundtrack)

Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson ft. Justin Timeberlake

I’ll make a man out of you – Donny Osmond (Mulan Soundtrack)

Ghostbuster’s theme song – Ray Parker Jr.

Never gonna give you up – Rick Astley

Campfire Song – Tommy Kenny & Bill Fagerbakke (Spongebob & Patrick)

Hakuna Matata – Nathan Lane & Ernie Sabella (Timone & Simba)

Wonderlust – The Weekend (Remix)

DJ#2: DJ Delta

Commentary: Isaiah

Music playlist:

Trap Queen  – Fetty Wap (Crankdat Remix)

The Next Episode – Dr. Dre (Remix)

U Mad Bro? – Kevin Flum

Colors – Tobu

Beam – Mako

Spectre – Alan Walker

Idols – Virtual Riot (EDM Mashup)

My Way – Fetty Wap

DJ #3: DJ Jayda

Commentary : Mae’lon

Review: Imani

PSA: Riley and Adam

Music Playlist:

Foolish – Ashanti

Play No game – Big Sean

All eyes on you – Meek Mill

Sorry not sorry – Bryson Tiller

Bright – Kehlani

Count on you- Tink

DJ #4: DJ Marshmellow

Commentary: Rico

Roundtable: Ben

PSA: Courtney and Ajahnipsa

Music Playlist:

Remember the music – Empire Cast

Ball Drop – Fabulous

Fanin – Mystic

Live it up – Yonas

Guap – Big Sean

Multimedia Crew:

Web Managers: Paulina and Noah

Photographers: Amadi and Dylan

Cover Artist : Cato

Social Media :  Rhea and  Brooke

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