Friday Groove Radio Show: Episode 1

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Today was the first show of Friday Groove Radio. On this show, we had DJ Ella and she played her upbeat tracks, which was followed by a commentary by Nila. Jade and Nick gave us motivating news on problems with pollution in lakes and a report on autopilot cars and many other current events. Afterwards, DJ Aster took us on a journey through the world of hip-hop artists such as Chris Brown and Fetty Wap. Then we had a review by Leo with hilarious criticism of his favorite movie, “The Room”. Next, came  a commentary by Garrison about the story of him trying to find his uncle he had not seen in ages. Then a review by Syy on the new Will Smith comedy “Focus.”  Last was DJ E, who played “turnt” tracks and finally, we closed with a commentary by Ramona about street performing.

Youth Radio Raw is a weekly radio show produced by Bay Area youth, ages 14-18. Students work in partnership with adult professionals to learn the basics of journalism, music production, and multimedia.

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DJ#1: DJ Ella

Newscast: Nila, Jade, Nick

PSA: Denisha, Setchel

Music Playlist:

Little Secrets – Passion Pit

Ignition – R. Kelly

Sing About Me I’m Dying of Thirst – Kendrick Lamar

Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Kanye West

DJ#2: Aster

Review: Leo

Commentary: Garrison

Review: Syy

Music Playlist:

Ayo – Chris Brown

Trap Queen – Fetty Wap

Somebody – Natalie La Rose

Hotel – Kid Inc

Dj#3: DJ E.

Commentary: Ramona

Music Playlist:

I Love My Squad – IAMSU

All Your Fault – Big Sean

Don’t Kill My Vibe – Kendrick Lamar

Going to Work – P-LO

 Multimedia Crew:

Web Managers: Ben + Dominic

Photographers: K’micah, Su + Alejandra

Cover Artist: Jameel + Shakilyah

Social Media: Grace + Emmie

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