Youth Radio Raw: Turnt Up Station Episode 4

Welcome to the 4th episode of Turnt Up Station on Youth Radio Raw.

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On this show, you’ll hear recent news, personal experiences, and a diverse selection of music.

Youth Radio Raw is a weekly radio show produced by Bay Area high schoolers, ages 14-18. Students partner with professionals to learn the basics of journalism, music production, and multimedia.

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  • Kevin gates- I thought
  • Lil wayne- mlli
  • Drake- Both
  • Meek Mill-Letty feat
  • Migos- slippery
  • kevin gets- great example
  • future- Stick talk
  • kanye west- All falls down
  •  Chance the Rapper Angels
  • ChildishGambino- 3005
  •  j cole- deja vu
  • Tyler the Creator-young Prefect
  •  Joey Bad- Devastated
  • Bryan J ft. Travis Porter- Let Me Take You Out
  • Big poppa-The Notorious
  • Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
  • Lil Wayne- Drop the World
  • bone thug and harmonyad- Mo Murda
  • Fishbone- another Generation
  • gorillaz- November has come
  • headlock- Imogen heap
  • Mr night-Imogen Head
  • The Golleria- Galleria card
  • young Thug- haramb
  • Iamsu- fly guy
  • DJ khaled- nas album done
  •  mistah F.A.B.- Newoakland
  •  Mos Def- Sex Love and Money
  • B.O.B- Outkast
  • Stickrick- street Falkin
  • Dangeon Family- Trans DF Express- Dungeom Family
  • UGKUnderground Kingz- Int’l Players Anthem
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