24/7 Donut Goodness

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DonutsBy Cato

Colonial Donuts on Lakeshore is home to some of the best donuts in the Bay Area. Open twenty four seven, they have a variety of pastries such as apple fritters, croissants, donut holes, and many different classics. The employees are kind and often give good advice on options to pick from. After picking up your donuts you can look around for nearby stores or walk only a block to eat by Lake Merritt.

I like to ask for the hottest, freshest donuts in the store because the hottest donuts are by far the best. A hot donut can lift your mood and is a really good late night snack. They are one of the few places in Oakland that past midnight you can go to get some good food. Donuts are one of the best presents that you can give to a group. In general, it’s much cheaper than buying almost any other food for others and people will usually only take one or two. The donuts are about a dollar each and worth every penny.

I decided to go on late night donut run with my sisters. We were looking for a place that would be open late at night and after searching for a few minutes, we found them. We quickly drove over, and after finding parking which only took about a minute, we walked into the store are were hit by the smell. The smell of fresh baked pastries and warm donuts. The man behind the counters told us that if we waited for a moment, we could get donuts straight from the frier which he said were the best ones to get. We all decided to get one each and when they were ready, we each took a bite into our steaming donut. The warmth of the pastry made the dough incredibly soft and puffy.

I recommend that everyone tries Colonial Donuts on Lakeshore and tastes some incredible donuts.

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