A Blind Date… for a Job?

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On the reality show, “The Voice” contestants perform their songs to the backs of judges, who only rely on their sense of hearing to determine whether or not they stay on the show. While “The Voice” is simply a television show, individuals are suggesting blind job interviews in professional settings to increase diversity. Blind job interviews are when someone is interviewing for  a job and the person who is interviewing can’t see what the applicant looks like. The goal of this is not to hire the person who the interviewer thinks looks best for the job, but who they believe sounds the most capable, based on their answers.

Discussion Questions-

  1. Would you feel comfortable going in for a blind job interview? Why or why not?
  2. Would this concept work better or worse for certain positions? (e.g. bagger at a grocery/CEO of a corporate company)
  3. What part of the blind interviews do you think would be helpful? Which parts would be not so helpful?
  4. Do you have any other ideas for increasing diversity in the work environment?
  5. Do you worry about being discriminated against in a job that you may have in the future?
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