A Diamond In the Rough

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DiamondsBy Diamond

I’m Diamond, most people know me as kaai or lil kaai. I grew up in the west, kick’ it in the west because that’s where I’m from. My life was nowhere near as it is now.

I started off at tech high school getting good grades being on time and everything, until I started having personal issues and ever since then not everything is how it uses to be. I didn’t always use to fight but I do now. I didn’t use to smoke, but I do now. I didn’t hang out late or none of that rebel stuff, but I do now. Fighting was leading me in the wrong path. I was to 4 different schools in my freshman year all because of fighting and kicking it with the wrong people that I called my friends. I can honestly say I’ve been in over 20 fights since I left elementary school. I been smoking weed since I was in 8th grade not even wanting to be high like everyone else but trying to fit in. I thought I was hella cute and hella popular when I kicked it with people older than me. I always use to wanna rush my life and be older so I can do the things I want without having someone tell me I couldn’t. But this past year I actually been doing really well because of not only taking care of the things that’s gonna benefit my life but putting my priorities in the correct way. I now attend McClymonds High School, which has dramatically changed my life for the better because of the type of environment I’m in. It’s small and less people that I “ mess with” with so it’s easier for me to focus on my work and get it done and turned in. I only mess with my family now so its less people around me. Because the way I looked at it the more females the more drama.

I know I have to be the best I can because I know my little sister is watching me, she 14 and already getting into mess that I don’t want her in. She always wanna be like me, wear the same stuff as me, stay asking and kick it with me and my friends. It motivates me to do better because I know she watching my every move.  I know every step I take she gone be taking the same one right behind me. It didn’t really hit me until one day after school this girl that I be with called me like “oh where you at” and I’m like “at the school why wassup ?” and she was like “ lets meet up I got some weed.” So I said who you with and she named a few girls names that I recognized and it just blew me away when she said my little sister name. In my head I was just saying her name over and over again trying to process the thought that its my little sister smoking with my patnas. Man it was crazy. I didn’t know what to say. So that night was the night I sat down and talked to my sister asking her why she was with my friend and she told me word for word “ because I wanna be like you, everybody knows you.” That’s when I told her even though people know me it ain’t always for the good. Ever since that day I was slowing down being under the influence around my sister because I don’t want her trying to fit in how I use to and end up messing up in her first year of high school…… just like I did. Always remember if you not watching yourself there’a someone that is.

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