A Dog Of My Own

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By Angel

I’ve always wanted a dog. When I lived in an apartment almost all of the kids who lived there had one. Maybe at the time I wanted one because it seemed like the thing or maybe because I saw the comfort that it brought to people, either way it was a good enough reason for me. I begged and begged my parents, yet still to this day I’ve never had one. There’s many reasons why they’ve said I can’t but I’ve came up with many more to top those.  Having a dog seems so exciting to me. I feel like it would just give me more things to do in life. I don’t go out much besides school so having a dog would force me to actually go places, which is honestly what I need. I usually just stay in the house all day and play on my electronics.

I prefer small dogs rather than big dogs. Little dogs seem more easy to deal with and take up less space. They are much cuter. Something about small fluffy animals comforts me. Their always there to cuddle and play with. I always wanted to own something of my own. Something that depends on me to take care of it. I want that responsibility and  to be able to prove it to my parents.

I will never forget the time when I almost could’ve had a dog. It was a few years back and I was about eight. My grandma had called letting us know that she had a free dog available for us. A friend that she knew had a dog that had babies and she was giving them away. Of course, I thought that I would get it because why not? It was a yorkie, and most importantly free. That’s all that I thought had mattered.My heart was shattered when I found out that my mom had said no because she claimed that the manager of the apartments we lived in, wouldn’t allow it. That might’ve been true, but the fact that almost everyone who lived in the apartments had a dog told me otherwise.  My mom never liked the idea of having a dog in the house and I still say that’s the reason why we never got it.

I hate the feeling of not getting what I want. Especially when I’ve wanted it for so long. My plan is to get a dog as soon as I have my own house. I will make sure  I get a house that does allow dogs. I’ve wanted a dog for most of my whole life, and one day I will get one.

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