A New Oakland

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Oakland TreeBy Damian

It upsets me when I hear all these different stories about deaths in Oakland. Many people consider Oakland a warzone when in actuality it’s a city. Just like any other city.  People don’t need to be violent; it’s a choice they make. People need to start coming to together as one to realize we are not against each other but we should be for each other.

All I hear is how people don’t feel safe in Oakland and that’s not how it should be. Oakland is a beautiful city that has tremendous potential.  For example the Oakland Hills is a very good area of Oakland along with the Rockridge area. It’s only getting better and more successful.  The crime rate in East Oakland is a lot higher compared to the crime rate in the Oakland Hills because people in the hills are a lot better off than people in the flats.  Oakland homicides have actually been down for the second year in a row.

Give a description of the area you guys live in?

When you’re in Oakland do you feel safe?

What does peace in Oakland look like to you?

How do you think we can make Oakland a better place?

What do you think the biggest problem in Oakland is?


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