A Streak Of Pain

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To Young To KnowBy Basu

Have you ever been to Arizona? Have you ever been stung by a scorpion??? Have you ever heard of people who have survived a sting from a scorpion??

It was 10pm in Arizona at my grandmother’s house I was with my mom. My mom asked If I wanted to go for a late swim in our pool out back? So being a young kid with no consequences in mind, I ran to the door and I had no clue of turning on the lights .I opened the glass door then stepped out and felt a streak of pain Shoot up my left leg. I was very young at the time and unaware of the dangers that could happen this time of night.The next day I asked my grandparents and they told me that a lot of scorpions come around there at night. My leg was uncontrollably shaking for 2 days then just simply stopped and I was fine. In the morning my grandma was ranting on about how I could die which was not on my to-do list. My mom decided to not take me to the hospital because it was my first time being stung. Its like the first time you get stung by a bee, you are ok but if you continue to get stung you will slowly have a worst reaction.

The next day I looked outside to make sure i didn’t step on any scorpions but there was none around the door unless it got up and ran away.

Not many people survive a sting from a scorpion, it has been said that the baby scorpions tend to have the most venom  to protect themselves from danger and predators. So if you are stung by bigger scorpions you are more likely to survive.

I would like people who live or are visiting a place where scorpions are living to be more aware of their surroundings and be safe.

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