A Very Exclusive Shoe

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asics x conceptsBy Noah

I’ve had my eyes on a pair of Asics for a long time. Back when I first wanted a pair I didn’t know where to get them. Now you can get the basic colorways in some stores. Asics are a very comfortable shoe. They can be used for running, workouts, and even used for everyday lifestyle.

Asics are assumed to be ugly shoes and not cool, but the gel lytes are not what you think. Some of these exclusive kicks can even go for over a rack. I would like to get my hands on those in the future but for now I’m going to only get the ones I can afford.

Of course hypebeasts wouldn’t know, but what can you expect. All people care about is jays but there are a lot of great sneakers out there.  The hype on Jordans is too high for me now. You’ll only see me with the Jordans I really like and are hard to get. Last year I sold most of the Jordans I owned. I hope I can expand my collection of rare Asics, but I’m kinda broke. They will make your collection less basic and give you a different style.

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