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Ochoche Family Portrait

By Darnesha

Growing up my family went through a lot of ups and downs and trying to raise us.  Where I grew up it was a lot of bad thing going on there, being there is why I act the way I do. I was through a lot in my past. People don’t know how my life been. It been crazy like real crazy. My dad been in jail my whole life he get out and before a holiday or me and my twin sister birthday he will be back in there again. We had a little hard life with are dad going in and out of jail all the time. My sister and me always wanted our dad to be in our life everyday since we were little but he wasn’t.

He comes around every few months and things but I would like my dad around all the time. He just never have time for it and us hurts us not to see are dad for months he never around. Our mom is our father she does what she can for us and takes care of us and keeps us in our house. I love her for that she’s a mother and father to me and my sister.  She is the best mother anyone can have. There’s a lot of people that only have their mother and not there father.  My mom go all out for us make sure we are ok and are eating and have what we need and I love her. She’s the best in this world.













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