Base Over Skyline

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By Aayala F.

I moved back to Oakland. Cool, so what school do I want to attend? A big school with 1000+kids or a small school with 100 kids? Maybe the big school in Vallejo with bigger classes sizes, more kids, more friends and more drama for my momma.

I started at a big school. I knew a lot of people. So everybody knew I was nice, trustworthy and caring. One day I came to school everybody ran around asking me crazy questions. No, I don’t talk about anyone. No, I don’t tell him/her what you told me. And no, I don’t tell anybody about how you roll. No no, no, no, no. But rumors got the best of others. Everyday off campus I was fighting someone.  The good thing about going to a big school is that you always have a friend with you. Teachers give a grade without evening checking your work. That’s why big schools I don’t like! The fights happened until I told my mommy, then we moved. So now I go a much better school, a small school.

So my mommy and me moved to Alameda where I attend a small school, Base, and I love it. Small class sizes, less kids, less fake friends, less drama for everybody’s mommy. No fights, every teacher takes the time to get to know you as a person, and nobody start rumors. I’m in school heaven I guess. But the bad thing about a small school is people know too much about each other and everyone is to comfortable with each other. I’m not use to being that close to people and I’m not going to start. But beside that, I prefer small school to big school. Less drama and less fights and more leaning.

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