Battlefield Steps Back in History for a Huge Leap Forward

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Battlefield 1 is a World War One shooter game developed by EA and Dice. According to, Battlefield 1 sold 15 million copies in the first three months alone, along with 25 million at the end of the fifth month. Nominated for more than nine awards, Battlefield 1 was arguably the most popular action game in 2016.

Set during the first World War, Battlefield 1 takes the player into the trenches of France, the deserts of Syria and the forests of Belgium, delivering an immersive, realistic war experience that includes realistic buildings, high-resolution rain drops, and chilling sounds of War. Nations included in the game are the U.S, France, and Germany. Battlefield 1 is compatible with all major consoles, including PC, and supports a massive amount of players, often 30 or more, in a single online match. Battlefield 1 has revolutionary graphics with clear crisp images, amazing shadows, and detailed foliage. The only knock is the very short single – player that often ends during the most intense moments, whether it’s an artillery shell exploding beside you, or the screams of a dying comrade. Battlefield 1 makes up for this by having a truly amazing multiplayer. Chaotic and realistic at the same time, multiplayer shakes you to your core.

Syntax on called it “the best battlefield, ever”. Others criticize Battlefield 1 for being too violent. I disagree, this is what soldiers in the war actually experienced, the game honors the millions that died in this war. 



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