Best Friend

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By Jade

At 11 years old I met my best friend, but I didn’t know it yet. Our moms sent us both to Black Repertory Theater camp, against our will. We met on stage and realized we knew some of the same people. And, we both hated camp. After camp, we would go get our nails done together a few times but we stopped hanging out for a whole year because we went to different schools.

Then, January 30th Friday evening is the best day that ever happened to me. One of my acquaintances had a basketball game at Oakland Tech High School, where Aster goes. So, I called her up after school and asked her if she wanted to go the game with me. She said yes. Once I got to Tech, Aster and I met up and did our little hugs and kisses that we used to do.

Once the basketball game had started Aster, I and a couple of other friends had so much fun at the game, we laughed, ate food, and took pictures. We also ended up having a sleep over. That night we all stayed up watching funny TV shows and laughing about everything that happened at the game. I don’t know what it was but soon after that night Aster became the closes person to me ever. As of today I feel comfortable telling her everything. She knows me inside out like no there. I’m glad that she is my best friend I would not trade her for anything else in the world.

Reflecting back on this day I realize that friendship is very important. I personally believe that everyone should have a best friend they can vent to, tell secrets to, laugh with, enjoy time with and feel comfortable with. Having a best friend is something like a human diary but instead its alive and it can talk back. Having friends is important because they have a significant part in our life. Friends provide comfort, support, growth and love. Not everyone feels comfortable going to a therapist and talking about what they feel. Sometimes they feel better talking to someone close to their age and maybe facing the same problems as them. I think its important for everyone to have a best friend.Friendship

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