Breaking Bad Review

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By Serene B.

I started watching the series breaking bad for several reasons. One being all of the hype surrounding the series finale. The more important reason being, my need to find something I could watch in my new bed on Netflix.  Off the top the story was intriguing. A high school chemistry teacher, named Walt, is diagnosed with cancer. He is forced to cook and sell drugs to support his treatment because a high school teacher’s salary cannot. He starts off an average, some would say square, family man that lives by the law.  He ends up being good at his newly acquired profession, cooking meth; even a force to be reckoned with.

Over all I enjoy the series. I’m only on the 5th season but I am on my way to the end.  Anyone that lives in the real world can relate to at least one of the many personalities portrayed on the show. Walt’s son, Walter Jr. was involved in an accident and heavily affected. He not only has to deal with his own injuries but also the separation of his parents and the uncertainty of his dad’s health. I think Walter Jr. could have a show of his own.  But the trials of a struggling teen aren’t enough scandal to make up an Emmy winning hit show. America would probably rather watch a show about slanging meth, as a way to live out some kind of fantasy of their own.

The story is so ironic it’s believable. It feels honest because of the well-written script, the very talented actors, and of course the fact that life is mostly ironic. I would recommend breaking bad.


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