Bullying Commentary

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By Kiyona

Bullying is something most of us have been apart of, whether it was being the victim or the bully. Bullying happens everywhere especially on social media. It recently happened to someone that I know and love dearly. He was being bullied on Instagram because he does what he loves which is dancing but he wasn’t being bullied for being a great dancer but he was being bullied because he sounds feminine and or acts what people call “gay”. The person that I am talking about has 500k followers on Vine and 180k on Instagram and also famous for being in Meghan Trainor’s “All About that Bass” video. This young man for the most part is the most generous and humble person that I know.

Not only was he being bullied for being “feminine” but he was also being bullied because he is beautifully big and confident. It seems that society says that we all should be and look the same. In my opinion all types of people should be accepted where ever they go. Bullying should be taken seriously by everyone because when you get to really know someone you really disliked you will understand that they are loving and caring.


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