‘Bushrod Park’ is a Good Place For Youth

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BushrodBy Malik

The first time I saw Bushrod Park I was a kid so I was instantly in love because it was big, it had a play structure, sand and my family was all there so it made the experience easier to remember. After my first time going I always wanted to go back so I did all the way up until today. I grew up there.

This park is off of a dead end street, the address is 560 59th St. There are two fields. One for football and one for frisbee. There are three places to play baseball and two places to play basketball outside and there’s also a gym inside. If you go there you will see a lot of kids after school, adults and kids getting picked up.
The recreation center is like a family, everyone knows everyone and they all act so close. It’s a good place for kids to go after school.

One thing I would change if I could was people bringing their dogs in the park when there are signs posted that they’re not allowed. Another thing I would change is the trash that people leave on the ground.

I would recommend this park to any parent that wants to get their kids into sports for the first time there’s flag football, baseball, and basketball.

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