Cal Prep Review

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By Jalon Stanley

If you’re wondering what high school to check into around your area or just to find a place to get a good education, Cal prep high school is the place for most people who fall into that category. Cal prep, which is home to the grizzlies, is a small school that holds up to about 225 kids. The school is located in the city of Berkeley on Jefferson Avenue and is near another local high school named Berkeley high.

Cal prep is kind of going through a struggle. There are some ups and downs that Cal prep falls into. The school is an automatic a-g class course school meaning that you take the classes you need in order to get into college. Also Cal prep has a lot of activities and things that are helpful in order for you to get to the next level in life, personal goals, experiences, etc. Cal prep is also a school that aspires to achieve, so the activities and endless things to do can boost your self-esteem and level of confidence of diving into to something that’s new for you. Yet, Cal prep has some downside that can turn people off. For example, Cal prep isn’t really that big of a school and it has little space. Sports wise Cal prep is lacking, yet you can still perform at other schools. Due to the fact that there is little space there really is no room for action, playing or venturing off into a different part of the school.

4932347073_8677bde29b_o Even though it has a limited amount of space it still can create a heart home place for you. I would recommend this school for anyone because overall it’s a good place for any and every one. I speak very highly of this school due to the fact that I have myself experienced these things. I think that this school gives something that most kids’ need and that is a place they can call there second home.

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