Cat’s Cradle

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4865499360_295b6ea588_o By Adam

Cat’s Cradle is a book by the American Author Kurt Vonnegut. It was his fourth book, and has since become a classic.

Cat’s Cradle was published in 163 but it was banned in many schools because it addresses the issues of science and religion. Throughout the book, Vonnegut takes a satirical tone, causing many to take offense.

The main plot device is a doomsday weapon that freezes all water on earth, causing the end of all life. The narrator, John, is writing a book about what nuclear scientists were doing the moment the bomb was dropped. He eventually focuses on Felix, the creator of this doomsday weapon.

Cat’s Cradle is an excellent book, and everyone should read it. It can be a difficult book to understand due to Vonnegut’s rambling and metaphorical style.

Vonnegut’s work is not for everyone, but if you do understand and enjoy it, it will open your mind and make you think about life. There are many good reasons to read Cat’s Cradle, but the main reason is that it’s the kind of book that speaks to everyone differently, and really makes you think. Anyone who enjoys satires or classics should read this book.


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