Chief Keef Gets Artistic

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By Michael Fluker

I was on Spotify looking for new music, because my old ones were getting repetitive. I had been looking for a cool minute when I came up on Chief Keef’s new mixtape, Finally Rollin’ 2. I immediately scrolled down the song list, seeing songs I’d never heard.

These songs included straight clappers like “Black Ops 3”, “stuntin like my momma” and “Law and Order”. This album is hosted by Dj Holiday. My personal favorite song is “Chicago zoo”, where he compares the many different aspects of his life to a zoo. The Mixtape is filled with songs about money, women, cars, and violence, a drill music fan’s fantasy. Sosa’s lyrics and mentality gives the listener an instant traphouse coming through your headphones. After listening to the full tape through my spotify account, I immediately began to save the songs to my library.

There are plenty of positive qualities about this mixtape. It’s fun, fast, and overall, lit. Though this mixtape slaps to trap and drill music listeners, it is not the best for those who look for a message in their music choice. The mixtape lacks a positive message to young listeners and may include offensive language.  In the song “Black Ops 3”, Chief Keef often refers to women as bitches. This may be too much for young listeners who have not been introduced to the rough lyrics. Also, feminist all over may take offense to the variety of offensive lyrics. These explicit lyrics include lines disrespect and degrade women. “Black Ops 3” is not Chief Keef’s only song to include lyrics like such, it is almost a common theme in all of his music and may not be the best artist to listen to if you easily take offense to such things.

I have Chiraq rapper’s previous mixtape, “Bang 3”. In my opinion, this was one of his best tapes so far. After listening to “ Finally Rollin’ 2”, I have come to the conclusion that this mixtape could could burn down a fire station. I highly recommend this Mixtape to those who have a feel for energy in music. The beats straight clap, and entertain your mind on a nice long walk on the beach.


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