Colorful Nail Experience

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China Glaze Flyin' High Nail Polish

By Angel

Before Thanksgiving, I finally got my nails done. When my mom finally said I could, I was excited because it’s been a while. The last time was months ago, and it was at some random nail shop. The nail shop I went to this time wasn’t my favorite, but it would do because I was eager to get them done.  It’s called Bella Nails. The place is quite small, and located in Alameda. When I first walked in I was glad to see that there was only a few people there. Because of that, I was able to get started right away. To get a manicure it was only $8.  When they asked me to choose a color, I couldn’t make up my mind. There was a wall full of every color you could possibly imagine. My eyes switched from turquoise to purple for quite a while, those being my favorite colors. The color I finally chose was a sort of turquoise. I felt relaxed getting my nails done because of the calming music they played, and the place being nearly empty.  One con was that what they were playing on television was some talk show that I didn’t find interesting. I got bored watching and just starring into space. Another con was that they rushed painting and didn’t really take their time. I recommend this nail shop only if you are in need of a quick manicure or pedicure. Luckily, I walked out satisfied with a pretty, shiny color

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